Cinema Trivia 3.0 Released in App Store

Cinema Trivia 3.0 is the most important release since 1.0. The application was rewritten from scratch. Swift replaced Objective-C as the development language. Storyboard, Auto Layout and Size Classes were adopted to create adaptive user interfaces. There are significant changes on the front end as well. iPad support has been added including split view multitasking.

The development of Cinema Trivia 3.0 kicked off right after WWDC this year. I was able to attend this year’s conference in San Francisco which introduced the concept of adaptive UI. Adaptive UI is a response to increasing number of new Apple devices with varying screen resolutions. In order to implement adaptive UI on Cinema Trivia, I had to adopt several recent Apple development technologies (Storyboard, Auto Layout, Size Classes, etc) which I was slow to do before the conference. I had a lot of catch-up to do.

Now that version 3.0 is up on the App Store, there are various directions I can go for version 3.1 — Game Center support, localization, multiplayer mode, etc. They are all features that should be in the app sooner or later. However, the new Apple TV with tvOS has caught my eyes so porting Cinema Trivia to the new platform.

You can download Cinema Trivia 3.0 via iTunes on your Mac or PC. Send bugs, comments and questions to