Cinema Trivia 2 V1.2 Behind the Scene

Version 1.2 is removing two of the three new question categories introduced in version 1.1. Both categories dealt with movie release dates and it turned out that questions and answers generated in these two categories were not factually correct in some cases. This issue gets more complicated if I ever want to support additional markets beyond US in the app. A film may have different release dates for different markets. Have to review this issue and come up with solution that can handle future feature expansion.

Version 1.2 is adding a new question category (film length) so the total stands at fourteen.

While refactoring app source code, I stumbled on a bug in an existing category that could produce inaccurate questions on rare occasions. It is the type of bug that can slips through testing because of its low probability of occurring.

I always try to add new contents with every version to improve relevance and quality of questions. This version has added several 2020 films, including some Academy Award winners.